# Dane Perry Svendsen

Game programmer, game development graduate and all-around code enthusiast.
Programming lead on LVL², awarded Best Student Game at The Game Awards 2017.

Level Squared

LVL² (Level Squared) is a geometry-bending puzzle platformer based around 'projecting' the size and location of objects relative to your own. Originally created as part of Swinburne's Capstone program for final-year students, LVL² was exhibited at PAX Aus and went on to win the inaugural Best Student Game award at The Game Awards 2017.

You can read more about the history of the game and its development over at lvl2game.com.


HACK THE PLANET is an experimental top-down shooter with a control scheme built around stereotypical hacker-style keyboard mashing. The game was first unveiled at Bar SK's WIP Wednesday in February 2018 and is now available for free on itch.io!

Other Cool Things

I've worked on quite a few small projects over the years - some for uni, some for fun. One of my favourites is Prayer or Slayer, a short browser game written in JS. If you like, you can have a look at some of my older projects.