Dane Perry Svendsen


Software developer, game programmer and all-around code enthusiast.


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I am an Australian software developer and international award-winning game programmer. I'm currently working with a team in the fintech space, developing and maintaining Transact, a market-leading financial management software solution.

In 2017, I graduated with a degree in game development from Swinburne, having worked as programming lead on puzzle-platformer Level Squared. Level Squared was named Best Student Game at the Game Awards 2017, a category judged by leading industry figures including Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard and former Konami vice-president Hideo Kojima.

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My work primarily involves streamlining and automating back-end processes in order to manage our customer-service workload, as well as continually improving our online functionality in order to deliver the unique user experience that sets Transact apart from its competitors.

Day-to-day I use Delphi, Java, Typescript and SQL (Postgres), though my preferred languages are C# for games and Python for everything else. Outside of work, I have an interest in cybersecurity, PC hardware and of course games (both playing and making them!)

Now that you're here, please stick around and check out some highlights of my work.


An experimental top-down shooter with a control scheme built around stereotypical hacker-style keyboard mashing.

Level Squared

Best Student Game at the Game Awards 2017, a geometry-bending platformer based around 'projecting' objects relative to yourself.


A bite-sized escape room game made over the course of a month. Runner up in the 2021 IAD workplace talent contest!


A Comedy of Errors

How did Australia's first ever online national census go so very wrong? A deep dive...