Dane Perry Svendsen


Software developer, game programmer and all-around code enthusiast.


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I'm a Melbourne-based software developer and international award-winning game programmer. I'm currently taking a few months away from work to focus on personal growth, with a view to returning to the workforce in early 2024.

In 2017, I graduated with a degree in game development from Swinburne, having worked as programming lead on puzzle-platformer Level Squared. Level Squared was named Best Student Game at the Game Awards 2017, a category judged by leading industry figures including Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard and former Konami vice-president Hideo Kojima.

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My most recent position involved working with a team in the fintech space, developing and maintaining Transact, a market-leading financial management software solution.

I have experience working in Delphi, Java, Typescript and SQL (Postgres), though my preferred languages are C# for games and Python for everything else. I also have an interest in cybersecurity, PC hardware and of course games (both playing and making them!)

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, cooking and volunteering in the community.

Now that you're here, please stick around and check out some highlights of my work.


An experimental top-down shooter with a control scheme built around stereotypical hacker-style keyboard mashing.

Level Squared

Best Student Game at the Game Awards 2017, a geometry-bending platformer based around 'projecting' objects relative to yourself.


A bite-sized escape room game made over the course of a month. Runner up in the 2021 IAD workplace talent contest!


A Comedy of Errors

How did Australia's first ever online national census go so very wrong? A deep dive...